Support areas

At StatisticaMedica we offer innovative and effective approaches to design and implement studies that give clear measurable answers to concrete questions in the most cost-effective way.

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

  • Design of clinical trials, observational studies and lab research.
  • Analysis of health data from bench to patient population.
  • Development of statistical methods.
  • Statistical Programming.

Data Management and Bioinformatics

  •  Electronic Data Capture, data quality audit, Database programming
  •  Genomics and Proteomics data analysis for biomarkers and diagnostics

Full Trial Services

  • We are Preferred Vendor to ICON Clinical Research for biostatistical support.
  • We partner with ICON Clinical Research to provide the full suite of trial services, including project management, study coordination, recruitment, monitoring and ethical approval.

Regulatory and Clinical Development Strategies

  • Regulatory submissions for EU MDR: strategies on how to maximize the clinical evidence you have and minimize the need for the evidence you do not have.
  • High quality, targeted, regulatory-grade biostatistics to accelerate the interaction with the Notified Bodies

Where we help?

Markets we address

StatisticaMedica works in the translational space between research and business, with clients in


Food Industry

Medical Device Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Medical Device Industry

Research Hospitals

Public And Private
Research Institutes

The added value: Synergy

By being exposed to clinical research, public health, biomedical research, bioengineering, nutrition and health care research, we have created a synergistic added-value for our clients: