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Prof. Carlos
Blanco –
Scientific Advisor


Very skilled in all aspects of data management, from data collection, data cleaning, database design and management, through all kinds of data manipulation, parsing and assembly, to various kinds of analysis, interpretation and report creation. Highly skilled in complex data analysis. Have performed detailed analyses for scientific publications, clinical studies and research projects using both specialized software and code I wrote myself. In most cases this included graphical summaries of data – plots and other diagrams – as well as statistical assessment. Strong IT skills. Have written complex web-based user interfaces to project databases. Built and administered databases. Excellent communication skills. Experienced at collecting user requirements and ongoing interaction with end-users during project development. Have organised and led several training courses, including on the use of R. Writes clear and comprehensive documentation of software, and data dictionaries. Background in molecular biology. Direct experience of data collection from instrument output, building pipelines to parse, quality control, and summarize experimental data. Also experienced in handling human-generated input – questionnaires, health records, etc. Also in designing questionnaires to gather such input.


Professional and IT Skills

· Data management

· Bash shell scripting

· Catalyst MVC framework

· Complex data analysis

· Perl scripts

· Issue tracking systems

· R statistical environment

· SQL queries

· PostgreSQL


· Version control software



· System administration

· SQLite

· Statistical tests (Chi-Square, ANOVA, Regression models)

· Linux (Debian, Kubuntu, Slackware, Redhat)

· Microsoft Access


B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology, Dublin City University                                                                                           1989

Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Dublin City University                                                                                                  1993

Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin                                                                            2005

GCP Certificate (2015)


STATISTICAMEDICA Ltd, biostatistics company in Dublin, Ireland                                            2014 – Present
Data Science Consultant reporting to CEO

·      Statistical support and data-management services to commercial and academic clients, mostly in biomedical fields

·      Creating data entry interfaces (eCRFs) and databases, data cleaning and integration

·      Study design, statistical analysis of study data (hypothesis tests, linear and logistic regression, survival curves, ROC curves, etc.)


SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN                                                          2011 – 2014

School Data Manager

·      Responsible for all aspects of data management in the School (supervision of data entry, design, implementation and maintenance of databases, using PostgreSQL and SQLite, and the construction of web-interfaces, etc.)

·      Involved in study design, data collection, complex SQL queries, data analysis and interpretation

·      Full documentation of the databases and all code built around them


WELLCOME TRUST SANGER INSTITUTE, CAMBRIDGE                                                                        2008 – 2011

Senior Developer


Development and maintenance of a pipeline for the downstream processing, assembly, archival, and evaluation of next-generation DNA sequence data from Illumina DNA sequencers. These machines produce hundreds of Gigabytes of data per day and our team managed the output from 40 such instruments, performing QC, monitoring instruments and runs via a web-interface custom-written for the task, feeding the data into analytic pipelines and archiving the raw data and results. Most of this work was performed using Perl, but it also required web design using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ajax.

BIOINFORMATICS CONSULTANT                                                                                                               2006 – 2008

·      Own business providing data-management and bioinformatics support to a number of clients in project design, data capture and analysis


CENTRE FOR HUMAN PROTEOMICS AT RCSI, DUBLIN                                                                      2004 – 2006

·      Responsible for all the bioinformatics analysis for the CHP (most of the research based on protein arrays)

·      Performed a lot of bespoke analysis such as mapping array results to gene ontologies, or DNA/protein sequence clustering


Established a PostgreSQL database to hold the results of CHP experiments, typically ~ 70,000 data points per experiment and hundreds of experiments. As well as this, the database held the clinical data that was relevant to the experiments.

DEPT. OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, AT RCSI, DUBLIN                                                                 2000 – 2004


Established a core genotyping group as part of the Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, bringing together clinical research and cutting edge molecular biology techniques.



·      Leading a multidisciplinary group comprised of biologists, mathematicians, and programmers, which focused on applying high-throughput automation to the construction and analysis of cDNA libraries, reducing them to smaller non-redundant collections of clones, which were then used in DNA sequencing, and mapping projects. This work involved a great deal of image analysis and data clustering, as well as many molecular biology techniques.



TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN                                                                                                  1993 – 1995

·      Post-doctoral position, studying the biosynthesis of molybdopterin in Escherichia coli



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